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Posted by Chantal Dufresne, Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations, February 14 2023
2023 Social Benefits Legislation: Discover All You Need to Know


Updated on February 14th, 2023.

For the payroll officers of organizations, a new calendar year often brings changes to statutory payroll taxes. Both federal and provincial governments use this time of year to index the amounts and rates of their many social programs.

As all this information may sometimes prove difficult to understand and even more complicated to apply, we developed a practical guide on the 2023 social benefits legislation. To learn more about this subject, read this article!

→ Download the complete guide of the 2023 Social Benefits legislation!

Did you know that as the payroll officer within your organization, you are responsible to ensure that payroll taxes are deducted from your employees’ pay and remitted to the proper tax authorities? In fact, you are required to ensure the accuracy of the amounts withheld, throughout the year.

You should also be aware that an error or an omission in the periodic remittance of these payroll taxes could result in interest charges, and even major penalties for your organization.

2023 Social Benefits Legislation In Canada

In Canada and in the different provinces, a wide range of social benefits laws can have a major impact on your activities. This is one excellent reason why you should closely monitor such changes and take the necessary measures to avoid any problems.

As an employer, you are required to withhold contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (Quebec Pension Plan if you're in Quebec), Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (in Quebec only) and Employment Insurance from your employees’ pay and remit them to the proper government authorities.

On top of these deductions, employers are required to make their own contributions to those three social programs, but there is more! Employers must also contribute to the financing of the Health Services Fund (HSF), Labour Standards Commission and workers’ compensation plans (CNESST in Quebec).

The 2023 Edition Guide to Social Benefits Legislation: Now Available for Download!

Are you responsible for payroll processing within your organization? To keep abreast of the latest changes in this field, take a moment to download the 2023 Edition of our Guide to Social Benefits Legislation. It contains a wealth of information that will be useful and help you save time in updating your payroll.

The guide also details the contribution rates and maximums, and the available benefit amounts, and includes links to several highly useful websites.

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Chantal Dufresne, Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations