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CADA 360: an exclusive solution!

AGA Benefit Solutions is one of the few companies authorized to offer CADA 360, a benefits plan designed exclusively for auto dealerships.

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) provides its members with a group insurance plan unique in Canada. The CADA 360 plan includes more than 1,750 participating dealers with $170 million of annual premium, a purchasing power that guarantees highly attractive rates.

The plan provides you and your employees benefits such as life and disability insurance, and medical, dental and vision care, with continuing coverage available to retired dealers and retired managers.

Advantages of CADA 360

  • Highly competitive rates: CADA negotiates highly competitive administration fees with their insurer, Great-West Life, which translates into lower and more stable premium rates for participating dealers.
  • Improved benefits: CADA 360 provides higher benefits than standard insurance plans, particularly for life and long-term disability insurance:
    • Maximum without evidence of $350,000 for life insurance;
    • Maximum without evidence of $10,000/month for long-term disability.
  • Redistributed profits: As CADA is a non-profit organization, all the profits they generate are redistributed to members, either through premium holidays or benefit enhancements.
  • Benefits exclusive to owners: Owners who hold 25% or more of dealership shares can maintain their insurance even if they are no longer working for the dealership and can also continue some types of coverage during retirement, including travel insurance.
  • Sound governance: As CADA is administered by and for its members, their decisions genuinely reflect the best interest of dealers.

Join CADA 360

While CADA 360 is an attractive financing vehicle, it is important that the dealer select a broker able to provide sound advice on which coverage to offer, premium sharing with employees, integration and harmonization of coverage offered upon an acquisition, and annual negotiation of renewals. When you choose AGA, you get both the expert advice of the AGA team and CADA 360 attractive rates.

Contact an AGA representative today!

We will be happy to analyze your current plan, compare the benefits with CADA 360 and present you with highly competitive rates, with no obligation on your part.