Plan administrators

If you are looking for a group insurance or group retirement savings plan, AGA Benefit Solutions will present you with the most favourable proposal.

Your security and that of your employees is important to us. That’s why we take great care to recommend what’s best for you!

Administrators portal

To manage your plans and process your data securely, go to the administrators portal ag@net.

Access the ag@net portal




The following forms are available online to make it easier to manage your group insurance plan.


  1. Certain forms require Word software, whereas for others you will need Acrobat software.
  2. Complete the selected form by clicking on each empty field.
  3. It may take a few seconds before the text appears onscreen, depending on your Internet connection.
  4. Save and print the form in order to sign it. Send us the original copy by mail.

Administrative Forms

Attention! Be sure to always keep a printed and signed copy on hand for your files, and also remember to provide a signed copy to the employee concerned.

If you use the ag@net extranet portal, it is not necessary to mail AGA Benefit Solutions an original signed copy.*

Regarding the Evidence of insurability or Declaration of insurability form, AGA benefit solutions must receive the original copy.  Please select the appropriate insurer form.

Claim Forms

Request for weekly benefits

We suggest you keep the originals for your records. All requests must be sent by fax or by email to

Situation AIf your weekly income replacement benefits are placed with one of the following insurers, please click on the appropriate link to directly access their claim form:

Situation BIf your weekly income replacement benefits is self-insured, please complete the appropriate AGA claim form among the following:

Long term disability forms

We suggest you keep the originals for your records. Requests must be sent by fax or by email to

Click on the appropriate link, according to the insurer with which your long term disability coverage is subscribed:

To complete your application, attach a copy of all medical certificates on file since the work stoppage , a copy of the job description in your company and a copy of the last two pre-disability pay statements.

If your insurance is subscribed with Assumption Life or Blue Cross insurers , please provide a birth certificate and a copy of your last payment slip from Employment Insurance .

Critical Illness Forms

In the event of a diagnosis of critical illness, insurance against serious diseases provides a lump sum payment.  To know the eligible health states and eligibility requirements, please consult the contract and / or brochure.

Important : All duly completed claim forms must be returned by email to

If your critical illness coverage is subscribed to one of the following insurers, please select the link of your insurer :