Setting Up a Pension or Retirement Plan

AGA Benefit Solutions also meets your pension and retirement plan needs!

Setting up a pension or retirement plan is a major decision for you and your employees. The backing of an expert is therefore crucial to guide you through the process.

Assessing Your Needs

Before deciding to offer a pension or retirement plan, it is important to properly assess your needs. Several questions must be asked to fully understand your challenges and your situation, such as:

  • Is complying with legislation (e.g.: VRSP) your only objective?
  • Could a pension or retirement plan be an employee attraction or retention factor?
  • Do you wish to contribute to the plan?
  • Do you want to allow your employees to make withdrawals from the plan?
  • Are the investment funds offered an important consideration for you and your employees?
  • What level of coaching and education do you wish to offer to your employees?
  • Do you have employees in more than one Canadian province?
  • Do you have low-wage employees?

Answering these questions will enable us to clearly understand your situation and then guide you through the process of setting up your pension or retirement plan.

Making the Right Choices

Our experts will guide your reflection and help you make all the decisions concerning your pension or retirement plan, including:

  • Type of plan to be offered (group RRSP, DPSP, RPP, VRSP)
  • Selection of provider(s)
  • Contribution rules
  • Withdrawal rules
  • Selection of investment funds

Communication is Key!

As part of your plan’s implementation, we will support your communication efforts and we are available to introduce the plan to your employees. We can prepare memos to employees, organize and facilitate targeted meetings and training, act as a resource, etc.

Are you ready to set up your pension or retirement plan? Complete our request for proposal or contact us!