Our mission is to facilitate access to group insurance and pension plans, and to streamline their administration.  On a daily basis, this pledge is reflected in simple actions, customized service, but also strategic decisions that allow us to provide more to our clients in terms of solutions, products and services.

Innovation + Passion = Overachievement 


Attentive to the needs of small, medium and large businesses, AGA constantly innovates to provide solutions that fit the requirements and budgets of companies and their employees.  We annually invest substantial resources in new technology and build the partnerships required to expand our product and service offerings.


At AGA, you have access to a full team of passionate experts in the fields of group insurance and pension plans.  Frequent training is provided to ensure the team keeps up to date with changing legislation, emerging trends in plan management and new services offered.


This unique combination of passionate experts supported by a corporate strategy of innovation enables us to offer each of our clients the plan they are seeking: simple and easy to manage in order to better recruit, motivate and retain human capital with an attractive benefit package.

Our pledge: doing more for each client!