ALAViDA: A single app for all substances and related challenges

Demystifying and preventing substance use disorders in your organization

ALAViDA is an easily accessible solution to educate employees and raise their awareness on substance use, and give them the tools to interact with their family and friends experiencing these issues. With this solution, your employees will benefit from a service including:  

  • 100% confidential support: From your cellphone, get private and confidential access wherever you are. Available across Canada.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: Evidence-based therapeutic approaches to help you understand your substance use, strengthen decision-making, and take control.
  • Awareness tools: Learn more about psychoactive substance use and management; access support and put your well-being first.
  • Virtual companion: An immersive experience developed by health professionals and delivered by technology.
  • Dedicated care team: A team of professional clinicians just for you. Set your objectives and let ALAViDA help you.
  • Moderated peer support: Optional group sessions where you can feel comfortable and safe as you connect with others going through similar experiences.
  • 24/7 resources: Support is always within reach. The ALAViDA platform also connects you with your personalized care team to help keep you on track.

Invoiced With Your Group Insurance!

By combining this service with your group insurance at AGA Benefit Solutions, you will get favourable rates with no additional invoice required. AGA directly handles billing and member data transfer. A bonus!

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