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Multi-Employer Benefit Plans: Members at the Heart of Our Actions

At AGA Benefit Solutions, our main goal is to innovate in order to provide enhanced services to your members through a multi-employer group insurance plan.

With their long-standing expertise, our specialists work in conjunction with unions and the professionals who support trust arrangements (legal experts, trustees, actuaries, advisors, etc.) to administer customized, flexible multi-employer plans that meet the specific needs of members, depending on their areas of activity.

As a Canadian administrator of multi-employer plans, we pay particular attention to the following elements, which are highly important for trustees:

  • Transparent management fees
  • Customized communication tools
  • Support communications
  • User-friendly portal access
  • Streamlined online enrolment
  • Data security, 100% stored in Canada
  • Application of DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) principles
  • Compliance with ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards with a view to sustainable development

The main features of our administrative solution for multi-employer plans include: 

  • Management of eligibility based on hour  or contribution banks
  • Online member enrolment
  • Billing and collection of contributions from members, if required
  • Preparation of reports on contributions received and premiums paid, for trust accounting purposes  
  • Organization and facilitation of meetings, preparation of minutes
  • Remittance of premiums and monthly fees to the different insurers and providers retained by the trustees
  • Management of Trust financials, preparation of financial statements and participation in annual audits

We Strive to Secure the Health and Wellness of Your Members

We make every effort to provide your members with everything they need when they need it.

Contact us now. Our experts work across Canada to guide you along the way.


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