An innovative and highly performing solution

Controlling the costs of a group insurance plan is one of the main human resources concerns of Quebec-based companies with 5 to 124 employees. To address this major challenge, AGA Benefit Solutions has developed several pools for these clients, specifically designed to better meet their expectations.

Our ELITE pools

Why join?

Substantial savings

Through our pools, businesses can achieve substantial economies of scale, including reduced administration fees and risk charges. Pools are administered on our AGA +Plus platform.

  • Savings of 10%+ on your current premiums, with rates guaranteed for up to 24 months.
  • Better financial conditions without reducing the coverage provided to your employees.
Cost control measures

To ensure the pool’s sustainability and stability upon renewal, AGA applies the best cost management practices to the pool, including:

  • pay direct drug card;
  • mandatory generic substitution;
  • prior approval of exception drugs;
  • educating members on the responsible use of medication;
  • 90-day supply for chronic conditions.

These measures lead to:

  • A lasting reduction of the plan’s drug costs.
  • Greater stability upon renewal.
  • A better understanding of the plan by members.

ELITE products are offered to businesses:

  • with 5 to 124 insured employees at the time they apply to join the pool;
  • insured with the same carrier for at least 24 months or 36 months;
  • not part of a pool, and with a favourable health care claim experience*.

* Restrictions apply. Contact an AGA Representative to validate your eligibility.

  • Highly flexible effective date:
  • Your renewal is scheduled over the coming weeks? Compare the renewal terms negotiated with your current insurer to the ELITE proposal!
  • You just completed your renewal exercise with your current insurer? It’s not too late! You can join the ELITE or ELITE PLUS pool within six months of renewal and take advantage of the savings provided for in the agreement.

Exclusive pools

AGA also set up pools exclusively for certain industries or associations. To learn more, click on the links below: