Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan has been developed by AGA Benefit Solutions in 2023. 

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (hereinafter “the Plan”) is designed to meet the requirements of Ontario Regulation 191/11: Integrated Accessibility Standards, which establishes the accessibility standards applicable to persons with disabilities in the following areas: customer service, information and communications, employment, feedback, training, and work environment. 

The Plan applies to all employees, agents or contractors who deal with members of the public or other parties in Ontario on behalf of AGA Benefit Solutions. 

For the purposes hereof, terms such as “the Company”, “we”, “our”, or “us” refer to AGA Benefit Solutions. 

Our Commitment to Accessibility 

At AGA Benefit Solutions, our mission is Caring differently about people, without any form of discrimination. This is why we are determined to provide our products and services to the public in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.

Our objective is to guarantee that persons with disabilities have equal access to our products and services, in a setting comparable to what is offered to our other clients. 

We are committed to ensure that our policies, practices and procedures are consistent with the following principles: 

  • We will integrate the way in which we provide our insurance products and financial services to persons with disabilities in our standard processes, unless a temporary or permanent alternate measure is necessary to enable a person with a disability to benefit from a particular product or service.
  • We will give persons with disabilities the same opportunity to obtain, use or benefit from our products and services as other members of the public.  

General Objectives 

  • Update and maintain the accessibility statement of AGA Benefit Solutions.
  • Review the Multi-Year Accessibility Plan and contemplate any updates required since the last revision.
  • File annual accessibility reports, if required.
  • Ensure compliance with any new accessibility standards across Canada.

Customer Service Objectives 

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver inclusive and accessible customer service, we implemented best practice procedures which reflect our determination to meet the needs of all clients, and particularly those living with a disability. We recognize the critical importance of ensuring that our services are available to all, while creating a welcoming and respectful environment for each of our valued clients.

Our commitment translates into the following actions: 

Adaptation to Individual Needs 

When communicating with our clients, take into account the specific disability-related needs by adjusting our communication and assistance methods accordingly.

Use of Assistive Equipment 

Encourage the use of assistive equipment such as wheelchairs, hearing aids or other assistive devices that facilitate communication and interaction with our services.

Service Animals and Support Persons 

Welcome the service animals and support persons accompanying our clients, as we recognize their key role in our clients’ independence and wellbeing.

Transparency on Unavailable Services 

Should our accessible services become unavailable for any reason, clearly inform our clients and explore alternatives to meet their needs.

Openness to Feedback 

Finally, actively seek client feedback to help us keep improving our service delivery. We value comments from our clients as they contribute to the strengthening of our commitment to accessibility.

We consider our accessibility commitment as a fundamental responsibility and a core pillar of our customer service philosophy. We are determined to create a positive and inclusive experience for each of our clients, by ensuring that no one is left behind.

Information and Communications Objectives 

We strive to maintain our websites and web content to ensure full compliance with accessibility standards, thus guaranteeing that online resources and information are accessible to all without exception.

Accessible Formats and Supports 

Maintain and improve our processes that enable the prompt delivery of accessible communication supports and formats for persons with disabilities. As each individual has specific needs, we are committed to understanding and meeting such needs promptly and efficiently. Whether through documents in Braille, sound files, electronic versions compatible with screen readers or other means, we ensure that essential information is accessible to all.

Online Accessibility 

Ensure that our online platforms are assistive technology-friendly and that our web content is structured to be accessible for all users. As needed, we perform ongoing updates to guarantee our websites reflect the latest developments in digital accessibility. 

Human Resources Objectives 

We continuously maintain and improve our human resources practices to ensure total inclusion and equity for all our team members.

Awareness and Support 

Inform our employees on the support measures available for persons with disabilities and ensure all team members understand the resources available to foster their wellness in the workplace.


Inform applicants of the existence of these support measures at the onset of the recruiting, assessment or selection process. We want to give each person an equal opportunity to take part in our selection process.

Onboarding and Corporate Policies 

Clearly communicate our onboarding policies for persons with disabilities to all successful applicants. We will create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Accessible Communications 

Provide accessible formats and communication aids upon request to meet the individual needs of persons with disabilities. Our objective is to ensure fluid and accessible communications for all.

Performance Management and Career Development 

Fully integrate the needs of persons with disabilities in our performance management and career development processes. We will create equitable professional growth opportunities.

Individual Support Plans 

As needed, we develop individual support plans and return-to-work plans in keeping with accessibility standards, to provide each person with the support required to be successful in their role.

Feedback Objectives 

In our quest for continuous improvement, we value internal and external feedback. We are committed to maintain and strengthen our feedback processes, and promptly and fairly review the comments we receive.

Training Objectives 

We are determined to promote accessibility for all. This includes maintaining and improving our training programs for our employees and any other person who must receive such training under the applicable accessibility standards.

Work Environment Objectives 

Public space accessibility is highly important to us. This is why we comply with accessibility standards when designing new public spaces or major renovations. Moreover, we are determined to maintain preventive maintenance and emergency intervention plans for accessible components in public spaces, in accordance with applicable accessibility standards.


Our ultimate goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients with specific accessibility needs. Your feedback on our performance in this respect is deeply appreciated. Do not hesitate to share your comments by contacting François Ponton, Director, Human Resources, at

For assistance or any request, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.