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Posted by Chantal Dufresne, Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations, January 12 2021
AGA Is Entering A Five-Year Technology Partnership with Alithya


AGA Benefit Solutions, Quebec leader in the development and administration of customized group insurance plans, is pleased to announce that it is entering into a major technology partnership with Alithya Group Inc. until 2025.

This partnership covers the exchange of an array of services, since AGA is acting both as benefits advisor for Alithya and administrator of their group insurance plans in Canada.

Data Consolidation & Upgraded Members Portal

Striving for innovation and excellence in its business processes, AGA Benefit Solutions has mandated Alithya to propose a solution that consolidates all the data of its clients and plan administrators, along with an upgraded portal for plan members. Thus, this partnership with Alithya is part of a vision for the future centered on efficiency, performance and growth.

AGA Benefit Solutions has a wealth of information that can help plan administrators make better cost management decisions. It all comes down to the collection, analysis, processing and safety of this information. The result of a strategic reflection addressing complex business issues, this partnership with Alithya gives AGA the opportunity to deploy a larger capacity database and use a better performing language.

“AGA’s commitment to doing more for each client implies the development of innovative solutions. This is what motivates us to implement best practices to support our ongoing digital transformation,” said Chantal Dufresne, Senior Vice-President, Finance and Operations, AGA. “We were looking for practical, accessible and efficient solutions meeting the specific needs of our regulated industry. This is why we reached out to the experts at Alithya to guide us in providing a renewed client experience over the next five years.”

Strong Expertise in Core Application Upgrading

“Alithya has considerable expertise in the upgrading of core applications that play a key role in the operations of many of our clients,” said Steeve Duchesne, Senior Vice-President, Digital Solutions at Alithya. “With this partnership, AGA will be able to tap into the expertise of Alithya Digital Solutions Centre (ADSC), one of Canada’s leading systems transformation and upgrading centres.”

Along with a customized application, AGA will benefit from product manager coaching, strategic Agile coaching, as well as design, planning and implementation support. Also, the ADSC cybersecurity approach will provide AGA with a balance between leveraging innovations and protecting client data.

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified Corporate Director (ASC), Chantal Dufresne is a manager with more than 20 years of experience in the operational management of small and medium-sized businesses. She held management positions in several accounting firms and worked in a self-employed capacity for a few years. With this background, she brings to AGA her skills and technical knowledge in financial accounting, management and administration. As a board member, she helps define the strategic direction of the organizations she assists and distinguishes herself through her expertise in governance, internal controls and risk management.
Chantal Dufresne, Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations