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Posted by Alain Rivard, Group insurance and group annuity plans advisor, January 28 2021
Bill 31: Changes to Services Provided by Pharmacists


Further to the recent adoption by the Quebec legislature of Bill 31 amending Quebec drug insurance legislation, pharmacists will be authorized to provide new services that will be fully covered either by private plans or the public drug insurance plan starting January 25, 2021. Interested in learning more about this legislation? Keep reading!

This legislation settles a dispute on the compensation of medical acts dating back to 2015 between Quebec and pharmacists. At the time, the adoption of Bill 28 had authorized pharmacists to perform new professional acts, several of which were however not compensated.

With the changes made under Bill 31, some services provided by pharmacists will now be fully covered under the Quebec drug insurance plan (RAMQ), such as the prescribing of drugs for certain minor conditions.

However, other services will remain the responsibility of private group insurance plans and will have to be covered at 100%, notwithstanding the plan’s co-pay and deductible provisions. For example, members who go to the pharmacy for an extension of a prescription will no longer have to pay a deductible or co-pay amount for such services.
The table below presents a comprehensive list of the services now fully covered by private plans and the services covered by the public plan.

Services Covered at 100%

by Private Plans

Services Covered


Therapy modification


Therapeutic substitution


  • Safety or drug shortage
  • Drug withdrawn from the market
  • Problem with drug administration


Patient management following hospitalisation (new service)


Evaluation for drug extension purposes and extension of a prescription


Administration of a drug to demonstrate proper use

Adjusting medication to meet therapeutic goals for certain conditions

Prescription of a drug or initiation of treatment for certain conditions

Emergency drug prescription and administration service

Initiation of emergency oral contraception

Prescription of an antiviral treatment (herpes zoster, influenza)

Palliative care management service

Request a consultation with a pharmacist

Based on the information received so far, these changes should have a minimal impact on health care costs, and we anticipate no rate adjustments. It is important to continue raising member awareness about sound cost management practices in order to control the cost of health plans.

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Alain Rivard has been working in group insurance since 1997. He held roles with major insurers for 10 years prior to becoming President of WBL Benefits+Actuarial. He holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Relations. He also graduated from the École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce.
Alain Rivard, Group insurance and group annuity plans advisor