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Posted by Martin Bédard, MBA, Group Insurance Plan Advisor, November 17 2021
Plan Administration
Group Insurance Advisor: Transdisciplinarity and Support


With the football and hockey seasons finally back, we can watch top-notch athletes achieve outstanding feats and, even more fascinating, see what a mix of individuals with complementary talents can accomplish.

The advent of technological decision-making tools for coaches and players is transforming the traditional models of decision making. In sports and in business, it is increasingly evident that various models can lead to victory and make up a winning team. However, whatever the model, these teams share a common thread of multigenerational cooperation through transdisciplinarity.

What is Transdisciplinarity?

As defined by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), transdisciplinarity consists in refusing to envision the world and its problems through the lens of traditional categories known as disciplines. Models that promote exchanges between people with varied knowledge and skills as a way to solve increasingly complex problems are gaining popularity. This is true in many fields such as medicine, sports, human resources, insurance and more.

Given the speed at which your business environment is changing, a transdisciplinary team of professionals - like AGA’s - will assist you in finding the best solutions to better address your new reality.

The Benefits For Your Organization

The coaching and support of a team of professionals will help you enhance your organization’s performance. You will be able to make the right choices in terms of benefit offering, thus fostering the attraction of the right talent mix you need to stand out from the competition. By cooperating with your broker, you can create fertile ground for the sharing of diverse skills and experiences. In an environment where individuals feel safe to express their ideas, openness to new ways of doing things will allow us to innovate in terms of the options we can offer you. This will facilitate the implementation of the strategies required to face a future that is sometimes difficult to anticipate.

Face the Changes With Group Insurance Advisors

In a context where change is everywhere (legislation, taxation, economy, technology), the reality in which your business operates is evolving quickly, making your decision process more complex. In a world of ever-expanding data and decision-making tools, adaptability is a must. The era of relying on a lone expert who knows his trade inside out and enjoys peer recognition for his experience has given way to a vision of shared expertise within a multidisciplinary team. The team of group insurance advisors assembled by AGA Benefit Solutions will work with you to analyze your current plan’s data in order to anticipate more effectively what your new business reality will look like and, more importantly, propose solutions to address this challenge.

Transdisciplinarity at AGA

With AGA Benefit Solutions, you can tap into a dedicated multidisciplinary team that provides a vast array of complementary expertise and interventions when the time comes to undertake a diagnostic analysis of your plan. Our group insurance advisors, actuaries, analysts, customer service specialists, claims experts and contract administration specialists all work in cooperation with plan sponsors to help them face a variety of complex situations.

To team up with us now and start earning small wins that will allow you to reach your business targets, click here.

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Holder of a Bachelor Degree from Université Laval and an Executive MBA from Queen’s University, Martin Bédard has more than 20 years of experience in group insurance, as senior executive on the insurer side, responsible for national business development through various networks (brokerage, MGAs, TPA, TPP and direct), in charge of developing traditional group insurance products, individual conversion products and credit insurance products, as well as implementing client experience. Drawing from his background in team sports, he firmly believes that an innovative organization that cares about its clients and partners must include people with similar values and complementary talents, where valuing everyone’s ideas makes for a better team.
Martin Bédard, MBA, Group Insurance Plan Advisor