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Posted by Chantal Dufresne, Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations, June 22 2022
Martin Papillon Joins the Board of Directors of TPAAC


The TPAAC (Third Party Administrators Association of Canada) held its Annual General Meeting on June 10, 2022 in Elmira, Ontario. Several members of the Association attended this strategic meeting in person.

A Leading Player in Canada

TPAAC is an association of 20 member firms representing collectively more than 80,000 plan sponsors, which makes it a leading player in Canada’s group insurance industry. In this capacity, the Association is active in the development of the insurance industry and engages with governments on health-related issues.

Through its advocacy role, it contributes deep insights and expert support for the development of Canada’s social safety net. An example would be the submission made in 2021 by TPAAC to Health Canada regarding the design and implementation of a national strategy for high cost drugs used to treat rare diseases.

Many Challenges Lie Ahead!

"I am extremely proud to be part of the Board of Directors of our industry association. There is a lot of work in progress, both with respect to financial industry taxation and government involvement in health-related matters. At the same time, the needs of insured members are changing fast; a scarce, mobile and diversified workforce is asking for innovative and digital services. The industry must reinvent itself to keep pace with these developments! Personally, I am excited at the prospect of taking on these challenges, in cooperation with the other Board members, the members of our association and other industry stakeholders," states Martin Papillon with enthusiasm.

To learn more about TPAAC, please visit the Association’s website.

A Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Certified Corporate Director (ASC), Chantal Dufresne is a manager with more than 20 years of experience in the operational management of small and medium-sized businesses. She held management positions in several accounting firms and worked in a self-employed capacity for a few years. With this background, she brings to AGA her skills and technical knowledge in financial accounting, management and administration. As a board member, she helps define the strategic direction of the organizations she assists and distinguishes herself through her expertise in governance, internal controls and risk management.
Chantal Dufresne, Senior Vice President, Finance and Operations