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Posted by Francois Ponton, MPA, CHRP, February 7 2024
New Employer Brand and Career Section for AGA!


The HR and Communications teams have been working on this project for more than a year, and the result can now be viewed online

This outstanding accomplishment by our teams began with a survey of employees from our offices across Canada, followed by an in-depth analysis of the survey results, the creation of an image and a theme, a photo shoot with our very own top models, content writing, and finally the integration of web pages.

“people like you”

The main theme of AGA’s employer brand is “people like you”. It then cascades into the strengths revealed by the survey results: “team people”, “people who care”, “people who like challenges”, “people with a vision”, etc.

Employees were affirmative: they enjoy working at AGA because they love their work team, they feel trusted when they take on challenges, they appreciate the human and genuine approach of management, and they are given the opportunity to advance their career within the organization. All these aspects were taken into account when developing the concept.

A Revamped Career Section

In line with the employer brand, the website’s Career section was thoroughly redesigned. It now features the AGA employees who graciously accepted to be photographed and delivered heartfelt testimonials highlighting the strengths of AGA.

The new Career section also showcases all our departments to achieve increased visibility and improved recruitment. Additionally, the list of job openings and the application process were fine-tuned and enhanced.

AGA’s rapid expansion across Canada in recent years required a major overhaul of our employer brand, and we are very pleased with the result.

Many thanks to our teams who contributed to the completion of this promising project!

Visit Our New Career Section!

Human Resources Director| Certified Human Resources Professional, François Ponton has a master’s degree in public administration specialized in human resources management and he has been active for more than seven years in this domain. With a structured and flexible approach, he sets up fair and transparent HR politics, programs and processes. As a generalist, he has developed skills in performance management and global remuneration.
Francois Ponton, MPA, CHRP