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Posted by Team AGA, November 18 2020
Health Insurance
Save on Prescription Drug Costs With Rexall!

Prescription drugs cost

AGA Benefit Solutions is pleased to announce that it has entered into a preferred agreement with the Rexall drugstore chain. This will allow AGA plan members to access substantial savings on pharmacist fees and get discounts on prescription drug costs. Read on to find out the details!

Rexall is one of Canada’s leading drugstore chains, with more than 400 locations. They offer several medication management tools and online services.

This preferred agreement only applies to plan members outside Quebec (as such an agreement would not be valid under the rules currently in effect in Quebec).

Negotiated fees

The agreement provides highly competitive preferred fees on the vast majority of prescription drugs. To take advantage of it, simply present your AGA drug card to your pharmacist. You can start saving on prescription drug costs as AGA has already forwarded all the necessary information to Rexall and you will be automatically charged the preferred rates.

Even more competitive rates have been negotiated for the Rexall Direct home delivery service. Don’t miss this opportunity to skip the waiting line and receive your medication in the comfort of your own home!

Additional discounts on Rexall brands

Rexall is also pleased to offer a 20% discount on the regular price of several of their exclusive brand products such as Be Better®, Nosh and Co.®, Kit®, Savvy Home® and Rose & Robin®.

To benefit from these savings, simply go to and complete the form with your first name, last name and group ID (“SAVINGS”) in order to get your exclusive card. You can then download your card on your Google Pay or Apple Wallet and start using it at the pharmacy.

Would you like to save on your prescription drug costs as well?

Contact us! AGA is working for you to reduce prescription drug costs in your group insurance plan.


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