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Posted by Olivier Coiteux, Group Insurance Plan Advisor, November 30 2016
Workplace Wellness
Ways to easily improve employee wellness


In the industrial era, employees were mere numbers and cogs in the production line. But in today’s knowledge economy, human resources are central to corporate success. However, many businesses have not yet understood this change and are still stuck in an old-time mentality. Discover how to improve employee wellness by reading this article.

How can this be fixed? You must place people at the heart of your decisions and investments. This is where employee wellness comes into play. This article outlines possible approaches for making this important shift in mentality. Whether you need a healthier work environment, good employee benefits or even better management, you must act. The survival of your business could depend on it!

Provide a good work environment

This may seem trivial, but the decor of your offices has a major psychological impact on employee wellness. A drab environment will lead to lower productivity and dull deliverables. For example, as November is often linked with a slightly less cheerful atmosphere, the simple fact of adding colour to the workplace will chase away some of the down feelings your employees may experience. Modernizing the decor will have a positive effect in the long term, but it is only one of the many things you can do.

A good work environment must provide employees with a measure of freedom and places for relaxation. Studies show that a person should take frequent breaks. Why? Because productivity declines significantly after you work non-stop for 1 or 2 hours. This prevents employees from performing consistently and effectively. Of course, not all businesses can afford such breaks. However, a nice common room to clear your mind and take a quick break should be a priority.

In addition to these important improvements, work spaces should also be adapted to your type of business, and especially to the culture you wish to implement. If your vision of the future involves more communication and team work, why do you still use individual cubicles? Your work environment must reflect your corporate culture; otherwise there can be no synergy!

Provide tailored benefits 

Employee wellness should be your No. 1 priority! Just as a sports team must be in shape and disciplined to excel, the members of your organization must feel comfortable in their work environment to succeed. The two go hand in hand.

Several types of benefits are available to support employee wellness. The best known is group insurance, which protects employees in case of accident, family problems, and even personal health issues. Before you start, you must imperatively assess your needs and those of your employees, review your budget and analyze your options with your advisor. You must build a plan according to your goals!

Although group insurance is the major component of employee benefits, other advantages such as flexible schedules, decent wages and work-family balance also come into play. The bottom line is that employees are much more likely to successfully perform complex tasks when they are physically and psychologically healthy.

Provide good leadership

Finally, a people-oriented leadership that focuses on personal development is crucial to employee wellness. Leaders must get to know their employees and be aware of their motivations, goals, career objectives, etc. With this information, they will be able to better tailor their management approach. This is highly rewarding for employees!

Leaders must strive to raise employees to their level, i.e. train them to become the future leaders of the business, its ambassadors and its supporters. This type of mentoring is highly appreciated by employees; it also contributes to their wellness, as mutual recognition is a source of happiness at work.

There is a difference between a manager and a people manager. The former is focused on sales growth and bonuses. The latter sets an example, supports the troops and fosters their personal development. This is real leadership! Besides, the numbers will follow, as the retention rate goes up, employees are more productive and much more committed.

Employee wellness: Why so important

You do not promote employee wellness only to project the image of a business that cares for its employees. You really get involved and invest in your employees because you want them to improve themselves while contributing to the collective effort of the business.

What is the difference between an employee and an employee who feels great? The one who goes to work just to punch in and punch out will not be productive, will often complain, will adversely affect the work environment and will do little else. On the contrary, employees in whom you invested (benefits, good leadership and a healthy environment) will see their potential increase over time. They will thrive personally and make a huge contribution to your business.

Is this difficult? Absolutely not! The important thing is to take the first step and gradually move forward. What are you doing to ensure employee wellness?Workplace Satisfaction

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Olivier Coiteux, Group Insurance Plan Advisor