We provide members of our distribution network, financial security brokers, and group insurance of persons representatives with continuous technical support. They can draw on our expertise to better serve their clients.

Everything we can do to help you!

AGA Financial Group boasts an extensive network of business partners and a full range of tools to help you:

  • Client services presentations
  • Solicitation of target employees
  • Mailing of contracts
  • Policy follow-up
  • Mass mailings
  • Sales interviews
  • Informative and promotional materials (brochures, posters, booths, etc.)
  • Portal specifically designed for our advisors allowing to consult various documents:
    • Contracts
    • Invoices
    • Summaries of group experience, depending on the time period used at renewal
    • Renewal dates
    • Details on all members
    • Calculator


Brokers portal

Although this portal is meant for all external advisors doing business with AGA Benefit Solutions, every advisor who wishes to join must submit a request for access by following these steps:

  • Fill out the request for access form (available here).
  • Send in the filled-out form to
  • Following that, you will receive a user name and password by e-mail.

We aim to offer you superior quality services, and our customer services agents are available to assist you in the registration process.

Already registererd?

Access the portal

Availability and flexibility

Depending on your area of expertise, experience and your desired degree of involvement, we will work with you to determine the type of assistance needed and how to divvy up responsibilities. We make it essy to simplify your life and secure client loyalty by offering an extensive range of products!

A team at your service

Simplify your life! By doing business with us, you benefit from all our distinctive advantages.




The following forms are available online to make it easier to manage your groups.


  1. Certain forms require Word software, whereas for others you will need Acrobat software.
  2. Complete the selected form by clicking on each empty field.
  3. It may take a few seconds before the text appears onscreen, depending on your Internet connection.
  4. Save and print the form in order to sign it. Send us the original copy by mail.