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Please refer to the dedicated page specific to your insurer. The different pages are updated regularly as the situation evolves and new directives are issued by the provincial and federal governments, refer to them regularly to keep abreast of the most recent advisories and instructions.  
Also note that your disability insurance and your travel insurance can be provided by two different companies; if you don’t know who your insurer(s) is (are), please refer to your wallet card.
If you don’t have your wallet card in hand, you can also access it through the Members’ Portal.

If you don’t find the answers to your questions, please contact us.

As of March 13, 2020, the Governnent of Canada posted an official travel advisory to limitate uneccessary travel out of Canada. 
For more information visit :
The federal government and the government of Quebec have announced measures to support workers. We invite you to consult the web pages dedicated to this subject :
In the context of COVID-19, last week the Quebec Order of Pharmacists issued a directive to all pharmacists to suspend the supply of drugs for more than 30 days in order to avoid shortages until further notice.
The AQPP (Quebec Association of Proprietary Phamarcists) contacted all insurers and drug card providers to advise them and they agreed to cooperate in these times of crisis.
The supply of 90 days for drugs taken continuously is therefore interrupted for the moment. As soon as the situation permits, we encourage you to resume your good habits. However, the current situation calls for exceptional measures to ensure the well-being of the entire population. 
To find out more on temporary layoff, check out this article on our blog!

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