AGA +PLUS - What is it about?

You want to provide your employees with an innovative group insurance plan while keeping your costs under control? This is exactly what you will get with the AGA +PLUS service from AGA Benefit Solutions. AGA handles the entire administration of group insurance plans PLUS claims payment to give you more for your money!

More flexibility

AGA is accredited by major Canadian insurers for group insurance plan administration and claims payment. This gives you more flexibility with your plan, as we select the best insurers for the coverage you want instead of a single insurer for all lines of coverage.

To enhance your benefits, we can also add specialty services such as :

  • Virtual medical clinic
  • Employee assistance program
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Travel insurance

All on a single invoice!

More savings

You save more with AGA because we are able to negotiate the best prices for the services you choose, as a result of our strong purchasing power with providers!

More simplicity

The AGA +PLUS service offers you more simplicity, as your employees can enroll online in their group insurance. Subsequently, changing insurers is effortless as AGA maintains the records of your employees and continues processing claims regardless of the insurer selected.

More control

As we pay claims directly, we are able to perform a detailed analysis of your group experience and recommend specific ways you can save on your benefit costs!

A PLUS for your employees

The AGA +PLUS program is also a plus for your employees! They can take advantage of a telus_logo_en  pay direct card for prescription drugs and dental care, fast and efficient customer service, a dedicated portal, and electronic claims processing within 48 hours!

Discover all the advantages of AGA + PLUS