Simplify Your HR Management With Our Cangaroo HRIS!

To better meet the needs of organizations and expand our service offering, we are now proposing to our clients the Cangaroo software: a unique, high-performance HR information integration system (HRIS).

Devote More Time to Your Employees!

Beyond making things easier for HR officers and transforming the employee/employer experience, Cangaroo allows you to centralize all data, automate and structure HR processes, and manage: 

  • Employee records;
  • Group insurance;
  • Performance reviews;
  • Requests for time-off;
  • Timesheets with online time stamp;
  • And even job applications, with out ATS system.
Stand out from the competition and be proactive to attract top talent!

Meet Your Obligations Under Bill 25

Under Bill 25, organizations operating in Quebec must comply with strict regulations governing data security and protection, especially as it applies to employee information.

The best way to meet these requirements is to limit the number of management systems and use a safe HRIS. Goodbye Excel files!

Our online HR management solution:
  • Meets all the legal obligations under Bill 25;
  • Guarantees data security;
  • Limits data storage to a single platform;
  • Includes an authentication mechanism that controls access to the platform;
  • Provides a log of people accessing personal data;
  • Sets up access rights to ensure that each individual can only access information on a need-to-know basis;
  • Ensures hosting of data in Canada only.


To learn more about the Cangaroo HRIS, contact us today!

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