Our Group Retirement Savings Advisory Services

The experts at AGA Benefit Solutions also meet your group retirement savings plan needs!

Whether you are considering setting up a group savings plan or reviewing an existing plan, our experts offer high-quality, tailor-made services and customized advice.

Competitive Plan Offering

It is important to review your plan regularly in order to monitor developments and make any required adjustments.

  • Monitoring Fund Performance

As financial markets keep changing, today’s best investment vehicles will not necessarily be the top performers over the coming years. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly review the performance of your plan funds by comparing it to various market indices and other funds on the market.

When funds are showing worrying signs in terms of management practices, team make-up or results, AGA will suggest alternatives to correct the situation. We then communicate the changes to plan members.

  • Negotiating Management Fees

The management fees deducted from the returns of  group retirement savings plan and funds are negotiable. Fees will vary based on several factors, such as total assets, average assets and the expected contribution level.

It is essential to regularly review the management fees charged to your group retirement savings plan in order to validate their competitiveness and negotiate with the current provider. When needed, we can issue a call for tenders to several providers.

  • Reviewing Your Plan’s Features

Your group retirement savings plan is part of your plan members’ total compensation, and you must ensure that it still meets their needs. Whether it be for contributions, withdrawal rules, vesting rules or any other feature of your plan, AGA is always able to provide comparative analyses that will help you make informed choices.

Communication, Communication and Education!

A group retirement savings plan is first and foremost meant for plan members. It is therefore critical to effectively communicate the plan’s features, applicable rules, investment options, etc. It is equally important to properly educate plan members on retirement savings and investments, and guide them through their retirement planning.

We support our clients by adapting our communications for maximum plan member outreach. Through memos, webinars or in-person meetings, we effectively convey the issues related to group retirement savings plans.

We also offer topical workshops for plan members, including retirement planning sessions.

Providing Simple and Effective Plan Administration

We are aware that administering a group retirement savings plan is not the primary business of our clients! This is precisely why we offer a customized service to promptly resolve the various issues and answer all questions. Doing more for each client is our promise!

Are You Interested in Benefiting from Our Services?

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